Advancing Retail Technologies

The Challenge

In the retail industry, it is fundamental to be acquainted with information on SKUs availability and their placement in stores. Traditionally, the SKUs informations are manually examined by human, resulting in an expensive and time-consuming process.

Data annotation is in the retail sectors remain a challenge. Variations of SKU and the number of products in an image could lead to errors resulting in a poor quality outcome. Computer Vision through AI presents us a unique solution to solve this fundamental premise.

The Solution

Step 1: Image Annotation

While our talented workforce are equipped with necessary experience on cases like this, we try to provide them with with training to avoid mistakes when annotating the data. We try to equalize perceptions between the expected quality and the overall results. Then, we divide the batch of data into smaller groups to streamline the process, each batch consist of roughly 1000-1500 data

Finally, we involve knowledge experts to provide direct feedback when ambiguity occurs.

Step 2: Quality Control

After the annotation process is completed, we will exercise  a multi-stage quality control. This is crucial  to ensure that the annotation results are in accordance with the pre-determined quality. Accompanied with automation system, the quality control are exercised in a more effective and efficient way. If the annotated data get  through this process, then it is ready to be delivered to the user for model training.

The Result

There is the term “Garbage In, Garbage Out” which is used in AI, where the data entered determines the quality of the AI solution that will be used later. The results of using AI utilization offered a tremendous impact to the retail industry. 

With our technology, our customers are presented with a reliable method to annotate data of SKUs in their stores, all bundled with accurate, inexpensive and affordable features in mind. 

Through  Acquaire, the research team has the expertise of getting precise data  according to industry needs and training data experience that could serve as  a reference to build the next AI model.

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AcquAIre is a data annotation service from Nodeflux which focuses on producing high quality data for the development of Vision AI technology.

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